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Indication and Usage

Daily administration of Pulmozyme® (dornase alfa) Inhalation Solution along with standard therapies is indicated in the management of cystic fibrosis patients to improve lung function. In patients with a forced vital capacity (volume of air exhaled with maximum effort and speed) greater than or equal to 40% of predicted, daily administration of Pulmozyme has also been shown to reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections requiring the administration of injectable antibiotics.

In our pivotal study, safety and efficacy of daily administration has not been studied in patients beyond 12 months.

Important Safety Information

  • Pulmozyme should not be used in patients who are allergic to any of its ingredients. Pulmozyme should be used along with standard therapies for cystic fibrosis.
  • When starting Pulmozyme therapy, patients may experience change in or loss of their voice, discomfort in the throat, chest pain, red watery eyes, rash, dizziness, fever, or runny nose.
  • These side effects are usually mild and short-lived.

For further information, please see the Pulmozyme full Prescribing Information. If you have questions, please discuss them with your CF healthcare team.

Co-Pay Card Program

Pulmozyme Access Solutions Copay Card

Genentech® offers the Pulmozyme Co-Pay Card Program to help you with the out-of-pocket (OOP) costs of your Pulmozyme prescription.

To be eligible, patient must meet the following criteria:

  • Have insurance coverage through commercial insurance (not if prescriptions are paid by any state or other federally funded programs, including, but not limited to, Medicare or Medicaid, Medigap, VA, DoD, or TRICARE, and where prohibited by law)
  • Have a Pulmozyme co-pay of $30 or more per month

  • Be a Pulmozyme patient of 18 years of age or older, or a legal guardian over the age of 18
  • Cannot be participating in the Genentech® Access to Care Foundation

Visit, or call 1-877-PZ4URCF (794-8723) for more information and eligibility requirements.

Start using your co-pay card in three easy steps.

Step 1:

To activate the card, call the number or visit the website listed on the front of your card. You will be asked to confirm your residency, annual income, insurance status, card ID, date of birth, last four digits of SSN and contact information.

Step 2:

Present your card along with your prescription to your pharmacist. You only need to show the card the first time.

Step 3:

Afterward, your co-pay assistance will be automatically applied each time you fill your prescription.

You must present your co-pay card to the pharmacist along with your prescription to participate in this program. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility or benefits, or if you wish to discontinue your participation, call the Pulmozyme Co-Pay Card Program at 1-877-794-8723 (8AM-8pm EST, Monday-Friday).

When you use your co-pay card, you are certifying that you understand the program rules, regulations, and terms and conditions. You are not eligible if prescriptions are paid by any state or other federally funded programs, including, but not limited to, Medicare or Medicaid, Medigap, VA or DoD or TRICARE, or where prohibited by law, and you will otherwise comply with the terms above.

We have additional options for
Pulmozyme patients.

Genentech is committed to helping all patients get access to Pulmozyme. Pulmozyme Access Solutions is a free program that can help you find assistance and informational resources available to you.

To speak live with one of our specialists, call 1-800-690-3023 from 6AM to 5PM PT, Monday to Friday; or fax 1-800-963-1792; or visit