How does Pulmozyme work?

In laboratory studies, Pulmozyme made mucus thinner and looser, which can make it easier to clear your lungs. It works to fight cystic fibrosis, even when you can't feel it.

Cystic fibrosis often requires several different medicines as part of a treatment routine. Not all medicines work the same, so your doctor will prescribe multiple therapies to help you fight cystic fibrosis.

Understanding Cystic Fibrosis Treatments

Watch the video for more information about the different roles cystic fibrosis treatments play.

New treatments bring new treatment plans. It’s important to take all your medications as your doctor prescribed.
Each treatment is important to your fight.

Consider Pulmozyme a standard part in the fight against cystic fibrosis.

Pulmozyme is a commonly prescribed medicine that is unique in the way it works. Picture how a pair of scissors can be used to cut something into smaller pieces. Similarly, laboratory studies show that Pulmozyme cuts apart extracellular DNA by acting like an enzyme* naturally found in the lungs. By cutting this extracellular DNA, Pulmozyme helps make the thick, sticky mucus that your lungs produce thinner and looser.

What do other cystic fibrosis medicines do?

Cystic fibrosis is a complex disease. Your doctor will prescribe other medicines to take in addition to Pulmozyme. These medicines can include:

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Help prevent and treat infections.

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Help open airways.

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Help increase moisture in thick mucus.

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Airway Clearance Techniques

Help physically loosen and move mucus out of the airway.

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CFTR Modulators

Help keep a balance of salt and water in the lungs.

*Enzymes are proteins created by the body to help speed up chemical reactions (such as the breakdown of molecules).
†CFTR=cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator.

Taking all your treatments helps manage cystic fibrosis on multiple fronts.

Your doctor may have given you several different medicines and each has a different purpose. You should always take Pulmozyme as prescribed. In laboratory studies, Pulmozyme helped make mucus thinner and looser. On the next page, you’ll learn why it’s important to take your Pulmozyme as directed.

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Discussing Pulmozyme with your doctor

Use this discussion guide to help prepare for your doctor’s appointment and get the answers you’ll need for your everyday Pulmozyme treatment.

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Tips for managing cystic fibrosis

Read about how nutrition and exercise may help manage your cystic fibrosis in addition to your Pulmozyme treatment.