How to take Pulmozyme

Before taking your Pulmozyme, it is important to receive training from your CF Care Team.

You will need the following items for taking Pulmozyme:

Pulmozyme dose

Image of hand holding one ampule of Pulmzoyme

One ampule of Pulmozyme

Pulmozyme is supplied in single-use ampules. It should be stored under refrigeration and protected from strong light.


Image of hand holding one ampule of Pulmzoyme

One nebulizer approved for use with Pulmozyme

Image of nebulizer tubing

Nebulizer tubing and other components that come with the nebulizer

Image of mouthpiece and compressor

A mouthpiece (or a face mask for children younger than 5 years of age) and a compressor compatible with your nebulizer

How to Take Pulmozyme

Watch the video on how to take Pulmozyme.

What are my options for taking Pulmozyme?

You have options for taking Pulmozyme. The first option uses a jet nebulizer and a compressor. The second option uses a nebulizer system. Talk to your doctor about which option is right for you.

Several nebulizer and compressor combinations are FDA-approved for use with Pulmozyme:

Jet Nebulizers + Compressors
Hudson T Up-draft II® with Pulmo-Aide®
Marquest Acorn II® with Pulmo-Aide®
PARI LC® Plus with
Durable Sidestream® with MOBILAIRE™
Durable Sidestream® with

One nebulizer system is FDA-approved for use with Pulmozyme:

Image of eRapid system

eRapid® (PARI) Nebulizer System

The eRapid system delivers treatment in a system that is small and portable.
For more information on eRapid, call PARI at (866) 335-6943, or visit

*Patients who are unable to inhale or exhale orally through the entire nebulization period may use the PARI BABY™ nebulizer.
Consisting of the eRapid® Nebulizer Handset with eBase™ Controller.
The average nebulization time for the eRapid Nebulizer System is approximately 2-3 minutes compared to the LC® Plus Jet Nebulizer, which is 6-10 minutes.

Image of step-by-step instructions for nebulizer use with Pulmozyme

Pulmozyme daily dosing and nebulizer instructions

Learn how to use a nebulizer for Pulmozyme administration with these downloadable step-by-step instructions.

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